BankTexas is the sole subsidiary of BT Holdings and is a market-leading community bank with over $320 million in assets.


More than one hundred years ago, local leaders joined together and founded BankTexas.  Today, it remains true to their vision of a local bank by providing quality service, convenient products, and community support. 


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BT Holdings, an independent bank holding company, is the parent company of BankTexas, National Association.  BT Holdings is owned by a coalition of local investors, allowing its profits to be distributed into the local community. 


BT Holdings was founded in 2006 by seven members of the BankTexas board of directors.  They believed that keeping BankTexas local was in the best interest of all stakeholders: shareholders, employees, and customers.  Today, BankTexas is staffed by local people and is committed to supporting local projects, charities, and schools. 


BT Holdings and BankTexas look forward to continued profitable growth by emphasizing an unparalleled combination of quality customer service, convenient products, and community support. 


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